Gamers Love These Top New Games for Xbox One

Looking for the top new games for the Xbox One? Read on to learn more about the best releases and the new games coming out for Xbox One in 2018. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list that includes...

Xbox One: The Marvel of the Gaming World

November 2013 saw the beginning of the eighth generation of home gaming consoles. What started with a Magnavox console playing a tennis game with a single turn dial controller, has now become a...

Xbox 360: Generation Seven High Tier Heavy Weight

By the time 2005 came around, home game consoles were at their peak, and as consumers, we were down to three major choices: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. All of the other attempts from various...

VR- The Immersive Technology That is Shaping Games, Movies, and All Visual Content

The technology behind virtual reality has exploded in recent years and VR is now readily available in the form of games, apps, movies, music, video, and more. Virtual reality has become more popular...


Top New Games for iPhone and iPad: iOS Gamers Rejoice!

Top New Games for iPhone and iPad: iOS Gamers Rejoice!

iOS has always had a well-curated library of games for sale, and 2018 is no different. Many innovative games are available, including Gorogoa, the unique blend of puzzle gameplay and beautiful hand-drawn artwork, as well as other games such as The Room: Old Sins, GRID...


Insider Info: Upcoming 3DS Games

Insider Info: Upcoming 3DS Games

The Nintendo 3DS is a powerful console that can play many first party games from Nintendo. The Nintendo 3DS has a wealth of games to choose from. If you enjoy stat based narrative adventures with strategic combat, you could go with an RPG. If you enjoy heavily...


Why The Game Cube Was The Best Console Of Its Generation

Why The Game Cube Was The Best Console Of Its Generation

The Game Cube wasn't the preferred console of its time. They made quite a few mistakes when it came to developing and marketing the console. Still, looking back, it far outshined the competition. Unlike the competition, it still holds value today. There have been some...

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Training Your Brain With Puzzle Games

Training Your Brain With Puzzle Games

Learn how puzzle video games put your wits and reflexes to the test and turn your brain into a well-oiled machine. Check out all the different ways puzzle games can challenge you and discover some of the most mind bending titles available. If you want a stronger body,...

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