It’s been nine years since the release of Minecraft, and since then, it has become a widely recognized name with a large fanbase, and while this was the introduction to survival and crafting games for many players, other games with similar gameplay, such as Terraria, were overshadowed by Mojang’s unassuming behemoth. Terraria, while sharing some similarities with Minecraft, has what some would consider more to offer. The whole feel of Terraria is that of openness, which gives it an air of adventure as well as a palate for creatives, and because of this, it’s not surprising why comparisons have been made between the two games. While Terraria drew heavily from the influence of Mojang’s game, there’s something to be said about the two-dimensional aspect that makes the game seem more like something out of the 16-bit era. It’s this vibe that makes Terraria alluring to retro gamers and those who grew up playing the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, or TurboGrafx 16. However, if you’ve come across this page, you’re likely already very familiar with the world of Terraria, so let’s get down to it. These are the top 10 best Terraria mods out there.

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While Terraria comes with an original hour-and-a-half long soundtrack of ambient blips and bloops, those who have sunk countless hours into the game will probably have the OST embedded in their brain for the rest of their lives, but for those who want a little more variety while playing Terraria, the Legend of Zelda Wavebank can really give your game a boost. For any fan of the Hylian Hero and his tunes who also happens to be a fan of Terraria, this is one that can’t be missed. Plus, who wouldn’t want to craft while listening to the Kokiri Forest theme? This pack adds many classic themes from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to your Terraria game, and it’s easy to install. Simply navigate to the content folder for Terraria, and then create a copy of the file “Wave Bank” before relocating it to a safe place. After you’ve done this, drag the Zelda sound pack to the same folder. Verify that the new sound pack is also called “Wave Bank,” and you’re done. On the game’s next launch, you will have the sounds of sweet nostalgia to accompany you.

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This mod has been out for a few years already, but has been rapidly growing ever since. The premise of Super Terraria World is that it transforms Terraria into a fully-fledged MMO. It’s obvious that a lot of care and hard work went into creating Super Terraria World with its detailed quests, all its NPCs, and all the trappings of a typical roleplaying game shoehorned into the mold of Terraria. It’s quite good, and as its creators and fans have recognized what it could become, a Patreon has been launched that is set on expanding the mod’s boundaries even further. The developers of Super Terraria World have also created custom maps for the mod to actually be functional and given a whole new structure to the Terraria that you’ve grown to love, which lets you experience the game like it’s new again.

Are you familiar with the term “Nintendo Hard”? It’s a trope that plays on the sheer difficulty of Nintendo’s games when the company released the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES. In the 80s, there wasn’t really room on game cartridges for large games — for instance, Sega’s famous “SE-GA” jingle alone took up an eighth of the total space on a game’s cartridge — so, in order to make the game’s price worthwhile and to up the replay value, Nintendo’s developers just made their games incredibly difficult to complete. This style of difficulty has seen a resurgence, although not for lack of hardware power, with games like FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls that was the inspiration for the team’s popular Dark Souls series.

The Calamity mod for Terraria is a riff on this same concept and appears to have been heavily influenced by Dark Souls itself, adding 10 new bosses with their own special stats, weapons, accessories, and items. It also includes five types of new tiles and ores to mine. Additionally, the mod’s creator, MountainDrew, runs a poll for suggestions for new additions.

The Best Terraria Mods

While tModLoader isn’t what you would normally expect from a Terraria mod, it still deserves a large mention on this list. It basically serves as a mod that is specifically designed for others to make new mods, and this makes it a valuable resource for seasoned modders and those who just want to try their hand at modding Terraria, drawing from the now-discontinued tAPI. Although it may not be as sleek as some of the fleshed-out mods that give you access to new content, tModLoader deserves a shout out for keeping the creations from Terraria’s modding community compatible.

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Here’s another one for the truly hardcore gamers who yearn for the difficulty of early Nintendo games. Modder Hamstar offers a few different modifications to Terraria’s vanilla game that ramp up the difficulty right to 11. For instance, Durability sets usage limits for tools and weapons that make them eventually break over time. The Psycho mod puts a madman loose in the world who tracks you as you play. Hamstar has also created the Wormholes mode, which generates random wormholes that allow you to travel between two different points in the underground. Additionally, personal wormholes can be crafted. The Lives mod sets a number of lives for the player that results in permadeath when it is dropped to zero. For those who are looking to get a real challenge out of Terraria, these mods can’t be missed.

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The TerraSavr mod allows you to change your items and your characters variables, buff your items, or even give yourself new items. TerraSavr allows you to search through every item in the game, and when you find the one that you need, all that you have to do is click and drag to your inventory. The best part is that it’s all based from your browser. So all you have to do is click here to get started. This is a great utility mod for anyone looking for casual modding to quicken their gameplay.

This is one of the biggest overhauls of Terraria ever, and any Terraria mod list would be incomplete without it. Coming straight out of tModLoader, Thorium gives Terraria players all new content to lengthen the life of the vanilla game. With the install, users will get over 1600 new items, 10 all-new boss fights who are sure to test your might, scores of brand new enemies, a new biome to explore, and two new classes. Once you’ve experience Terraria with Thorium installed, you might have a hard time going back to the original content.

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Despite the very obvious name of Terraria Overhaul, it does exactly as the name suggests in this ambitious mod that introduces new mechanics from seasons to dodge rolls. The Terraria Overhaul also introduces an electricity system that is sure to add an extra jolt to your Terraria gameplay. While the developers pin Terraria Overhaul as a “huge mod,” that definition doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface once you start looking at all the addition this mod brings to the table. If you’re looking to expand your hours in Terraria, the Terraria Overhaul is a great place to start.

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On the topic of huge mods, Tremor Remastered is one of the largest mods available for Terraria, and many also consider it to be one of the best. The mod offers 1600 new items like weapons, armor, accessories, and new materials. There are 21 new bosses included, each with its own specified AI and loot to boot. Additionally, 13 new NPCs have been added with new merchandise and the addition of a glacier mini-biome that you can randomly encounter in the snow biome, which also has its own loot and mobs. Tremor Remastered also brings the Alchemist class into play that has an all-new damage type, accessories, armor, and weapons. Furthermore, Tremor Remastered brings you 11 new tunes from Delicious Saturn in case the OST has started to bore into your head. If it has, be sure to check out the first mod on our list.

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TerraFirma is a Terraria mod mapping tool that will become a vital resource for you once you’ve installed it. TerraFirma allows you to zoom out of your world map, which gives you a firm grasp on the location of the resources that you need, and it also lets you look in chests scattered about as well as find the underground desert and look for statues. While TerraFirma doesn’t come jam-packed with new content like some of the other mods on the list, it will help you dig into the content of the original game.


While Terraria is a cross-platform game, it should be noted that these modifications are for the PC version only and will not work on your console or handheld version of Terraria. Generally, these modifications may require you to understand how to dive into your computer’s files and rearrange them by replacing some of the original game’s files with those in the mod pack that you download.


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Out of all the Terraria mods available, we believe that the TerraFirma, Tremor Remastered, Terraria Overhaul, Thorium, TerraSavr, Hamstar’s Difficulty mods, tModLoader, Calamity, Super Terraria World, and the Legend of Zelda Wavebank are the best Terraria mods that are out there. However, out of all the mods that we have covered in this article, we believe that the title of absolute best Terraria mod has to go to tModLoader, which has made the process of mod creation widely available to the Terraria community, and many in that community have taken up the banner to produce some incredible stuff.

For instance, many of the mods that found their way onto our list were created using tModLoader. Not only has it given old and new modders alike access to an intuitive modding platform that ensures that countless new mods will work together fluidly, but tModLoader is also easy to install and easy to use. All its documentation is kept up to date, and the large number of users means that finding help with any issues that you might have will be easy. tModLoader prevents you from having to tinker with the source code of Terraria, meaning that you can use multiple mods simultaneously without the fear of compatibility issues. Everything that you need to work with tModLoader can be found on the website at from access to the Wiki and Github pages to Docs and installation information. The team that worked on this has shown extreme dedication to the Terraria community and has made use of their creation dead simple.

With all that being said, we can’t just leave our other listings hanging, because there is so much to be offered that can expand your game of Terraria to keep you invested for hours upon hours after you’ve finished with the original game. The fun mechanic of Wormholes makes for an interesting concept in Hamstar’s Difficulty mods; the absolutely unreal amount of content that is packed into mods like Terraria Overhaul, Calamity, and Tremor Remastered could complete a similar list as this alone; and utility tools like TerraFirma help you sink deeper into the meat of Terraria. No matter what kind of modder or even what kind of gamer you are, there is something to find in the mod community that surrounds Terraria. Although looks can be deceiving, if you take up your pickaxe, you’ll likely be able to mine some great times out of this little 2D package.

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