The PlayStation 5 is among the most anticipated gadgets in the world right now, and we have it on good authority that its launch is not a very long way off. How do we know this, you ask? Well, for starters, PlayStation enthusiasts are getting weary of their old consoles, despite the launch of the PS4 Pro in 2016. Two, Sony is not one to sit back and let another company outdo it — especially not Microsoft. Three, there are rumors that the PS5 is already being developed. Finally, we heard it from the horse's mouth — the horse, in this case, being Sony's President and CEO Shawn Layden when he gave a hint in an interview with

Full disclosure: people are loving the 4K, HDR-capable PS4 Pro, and the newest PS4 games, especially "God of War," are impressive to say the least — but there is a catch. Gamers are a proud, dedicated people, and it goes without saying that PS4 users do not sleep well at night knowing that there is someone out there with "the most powerful console in the world" in the shape of an Xbox One X. For the love of gaming, we have compiled all the insider information on the PS5's release date, features, and pricing in this informational review.

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Although Sony is being very quiet about the PlayStation 5's release date, there is every possibility that the release date is about three years away. Naturally, Sony has not given an actual date so as to maintain a competitive edge. That leaves tech analysts with only one option: to piece together the tidbits that Sony is throwing around and triangulate an estimate.

In a recent interview, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera said that the company will "crouch down" for a period of three years to "jump higher in the future." Soon after, Sony's CEO Kenichiro Yoshida's three-year business plan seemed to substantiate Kodera's sentiments. In the business plan, Yoshida predicts that the company's profit would take a dip in the 2020 financial year. Looking at it from a business perspective, popular product's sales drop once the market gets saturated, as will be the case for the PS4.

However, market analysts, especially those who gave the 2019 and 2020 predictions, are still adamant that the PS5 will come out sooner. Their argument is that Sony is hinting at a delayed launch because it does not want to affect the sales numbers for both the PS4 Pro consoles and the new PS4 games. As convincing as their argument might be, Sony knows that the PS4 is coming to the end of its life cycle and it would not risk its reputation and prestige just to hang on to a few million sales. Sony will continue milking the PS4 for as long as they can but not a day longer.

report by Eurogamer states that the major improvements that Sony needs to make are on the console's memory and processor. The report further says Sony might be able to accomplish this by 2019 and release the new console before the end of the year. While that may be possible, it is not likely that Sony would follow that timeline. Developing new technology is expensive enough without rushing it. Sony knows if they hasten production, the resulting high cost of production will be reflected in the PS5's pricing and make it too expensive for most buyers.

Also, considering the previews of the next-generation games that were shown during the Game Developers Conference 2018, Sony needs to develop much more than Eurogamer claims. Apart from better native 4K visuals, the Japanese manufacturer needs to upgrade its VR compatibility technology and other visual enhancements, all of which will take time. Therefore, enjoy your PS4 while you can, although the PS5 may not hit the market until after 2021.


Many people expect the PS5 to cost a lot more than the PS4 did when it launched. However, that may not be the case because history seems to have taught Sony a lesson. For those who cannot remember, Sony first launched the PS3 at about $$$ for the base 20GB model and about $$$ for the 60GB model and suffered as a result. Because of the high pricing, the Xbox 360's sales dwarfed the PS3's and gave Sony a very unpleasant first year.

The company saw the error in their ways and launched the PS4 at about $$$ for the base model and about $$$ for the more powerful model. The new strategy was so successful that Sony sold the re-invented PS4 Slim for about $$$. On the other hand, the PS4 Pro cost the same as the original PS4 at launch. Following this trend, Sony will likely sell the new PS5 at an attractive price and make up for the deficit with software sales.

If that's the case, then the PS5 may cost even less than the PS4 since it's cheaper now to develop new technology than it was before. Xbox One X launched at about $$$, and while some analysts say that Sony will want to match this price tag, our analysts believe that Sony would want to offer a better product at a cheaper price. Sony would want to reclaim its position in terms of sales and popularity, so it may target sales more than profit (knowing, of course, that more sales means more software and hardware sales). To be safe, the PS5 will likely retail from about $$$ to $$$.


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The PS4 was sort of a disappointment in terms of power at launch, and Sony knows that. For a company that does not repeat its mistakes, Sony is sure to make the PS5 as powerful as it can be. Before we go into speculations, let us begin by pointing out what we know for certain: the PS5 will probably beat the Xbox One X in almost all aspects. That brings us back to the price factor, as some might argue that Sony would not go all-out, power- and perks-wise, for fear of exceeding the "attractive" price range. Well, keeping in mind that the PS5 is at least three years away; it is very possible that there will be better yet cheaper technology by then.

What should you expect? You should expect a more powerful CPU, better quality textures and more memory. Sony's worked with AMD to develop a Ryzen CPU which, unlike the current Jaguar CPU in the PS4 and the Xbox One X, will allow games to run at speeds up to 60FPS. Since Microsoft, too, is working on shifting its CPU to Ryzen, Sony's version is expected to be modified to better Microsoft's.

There are rumors that the PS5 will have a dedicated graphics chip as opposed to the PS4's setup, which integrates processing and graphics on the same silicone. It is even believed that AMD is working on a next-generation 7-nanometre GPU named Navi that will allow the PS5 to hit 60FPS speeds. You can also expect the PS5 to double the PS4 Pro's 8GB RAM which would make the PS5 the epitome of raw power in the gaming world.

It is very unlikely that the PS5 will feature PS Now (or its equivalent) to allow users to play PS4 games since Sony would be trying to sell as much software as it could to make up for the expected low price point. Also, PlayStation Plus recently announced that there will not be any more PS Vita or PS3 games from March 2019. This may be because Sony intends to phase out the older consoles and establish the PS4 as the base console in preparation for a new console.

It would be very surprising if the PS5 does not feature a 4K Blu-ray player or better. Although Sony excused their exclusion of the 4K Blu-ray player from the PS4 as a way of providing a more affordable console, Microsoft proved them wrong when it included it in both the Xbox One X and S with no effect on pricing. That being the case, Sony will not dare exclude the feature this time around.

Furthermore, seeing that some Xbox One X's 4K games take up as much as 100GB of space, 1TB would be insufficient for the new console's storage. Therefore, it goes without saying that the new PS5 will have a larger ROM. We have no way of knowing for certain how much right now, but we project that it may be more than 2TB.


As mentioned earlier, the PS5 console is very unlikely to support PS4 games. Therefore, you should expect new games or better versions of the existing ones. There is every indication that PS5 kits are already in development and top-tier game developers are expected to be the biggest contributors. For example, CD Projekt Red, a Polish game developer, has already made public its efforts to publish games for next-gen consoles. If this year’s E3 is anything to go by, you should expect games such as "Starfield," "The Elder Scrolls 6," "Beyond Good & Evil 2," and "Grand Theft Auto VI."

While it's too early to tell exactly how much power will be under the PS5's hood or when you can place your pre-order, it's not too early to get excited for Sony's next step in the world of consoles. In the meantime, you can always take those PS3 games for one last spin.

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