Nintendo is a historical name among the gaming community. The company has been producing video game consoles long before Sony and Microsoft entered the console wars. Ever since Sony and Microsoft hit the scene, Nintendo struggled to captivate onlookers in search of a new console. The release of the Wii helped somewhat as it offered unique and innovative gameplay not found on the PlayStation and XBox systems.

However, the Wii lacked certain features, such as storage space and graphics. Finally, gamers got a chance to enjoy beautiful gameplay with the introduction of the Nintendo Wii U. The Wii U became the company’s flagship console, and with good reason. The system featured the same family-friendly features as the original Wii, but with significant upgrades.

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Understanding what the Wii U has to offer will help you determine if it is a console worth purchasing. Even if you already have other game systems in your lineup, you might find that the Nintendo Wii U is a system worth adding to your arsenal of entertainment. It features some game titles not found on any other system that are fun for you and your whole family.

Games Worth Checking Out

There are many games available for the Wii U that many consumers enjoy playing. In fact, some of the best Wii U games include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Skylanders Imaginators, and Paper Mario: Color Splash. Although the Wii U has several select games not available on Sony or Microsoft consoles, they also have many shared games, too.

Although the lineup of games available for the Wii U seems geared more toward children and families, there are plenty of games that teens and adults can enjoy. For instance, gamers who enjoy the horror genre will appreciate games like Resident Evil Revelations, Lone Survivor, and The Binding of Isaac.

Since the Wii U encourages multiple people to play together, there are also plenty of challenging party games available. Party games worth checking out include Nintendo Land, Super Smash Bros Wii U, and Mario Kart 8. Part of what seems to make the Nintendo Wii U so appealing is that it offers games for everyone both young and old.

When it comes to any Nintendo console, many fans often purchase one, so they can play either the latest Mario or Zelda games. It would appear that both Mario and Link have a strong bond with the gaming community. Gamers are more than willing to sit down with a Nintendo console just to play games under either of those titles.

Fortunately, the release Zelda games for the Wii U inspired customers to purchase a system. If you are a fan of Mario and Zelda games, the Wii U is certainly worth your time. If you have never played games under either title, you might consider giving them a shot. Many gamers report feeling “hooked” from the moment they immersed themselves in the world of Mario or Link.

Reviewing Gameplay

You can play the Wii U using a controller and a nunchuck or by using the Wii U gamepad. The controller and nunchuck are the same as the ones that you use for the standard Wii. In fact, if you have a Wii, all you need to do is sync your controller and nunchuck to your Wii U. The gamepad offers a different playing experience. You can use the gamepad as a controller that you can shake, tilt, and swipe.

Some people prefer to use the gamepad as a standalone handheld device. You can play your game on the gamepad screen rather than staring up at your TV. The gamepad offers HD graphics for a crisper, cleaner gameplay experience in comparison to the standard Wii. Boefore the release of the Wii U, consumers complained that the standard Wii lacked HD graphics, which is something Nintendo corrected when it released the Wii U.

You also have to shake, tilt, and point the Wii U controller, so even if you decide to use the controller rather than the gamepad, you still have the same interactive experience. Unfortunately, Wii controllers that sync to the standard Wii do not work on all Wii U games. The majority of games support the Wii U Pro controller.

The pro controller offers a rumbling sensation and plays beautifully with 3D and 2D games. The controller is wireless, giving you plenty of room to move around and enjoy the interactive gameplay. Consumers also report that the pro controller seems to a great quality build and better durability in comparison to the standard Wii controller.

Checking Out Nintendo News

Although Nintendo recently released the Nintendo Switch, you can still find plenty of support for the Wii through the company. Also, players should watch for Wii U news by checking out My Nintendo News. My Nintendo News keeps players up-to-date with relevant information about game systems, games, and future innovative creations by Nintendo.

It would appear that the release of the Switch has done almost nothing to quell the love fans have for the Wii U. In fact, just when gamers though the Wii U might join other older consoles in some forgotten graveyard, Nintendo announced a firmware update in July 2017. Fans were somewhat surprised, yet happy to see the console still holding strong to the gaming world.

Although the Switch seems to sit in the limelight as of late, it does not mean the Wii U sits and collects dust in some dark corner. In fact, many consumers report still playing games on their Wii U because of the enjoyment they still get from many of the games they own. In fact, the Switch is not a backward compatible system, meaning the only way to play your Wii U games is to jump on the system and do it.

According to news reports, the Wii U is not set to die out just yet. Despite strong support for the Switch, especially with the pending release of the Labo, the Wii U still holds favor among many gamers. As such, the company continues to support Wii U fans with updated news and information about the console and any other scheduled firmware updates the system might receive.

Improvements Worth Noting

The Wii U made several improvements after consumers made complaints about the standard Wii. It would appear that Nintendo remains a company that pays attention to their consumer base and makes necessary changes to keep people happy. Initially, it did not appear that Nintendo would consider consumer complaints.

When the Wii released, consumers enjoyed it, but the enthusiasm soon wore out as people realized that Sony and Microsoft were releasing different versions of their consoles to address customer complaints. Unfortunately, an updated version of the Wii did not appear on the market. When Nintendo announced the release of the Wii U, some gamers seemed a bit skeptical.

Fortunately, Nintendo listed all the features of the Wii U and gamers seemed instantly intrigued. The idea of a Nintendo system with HD graphics and a portable gamepad had many people paying attention. When the Wii U finally hit shelves, gamers lined up to experience what all the fuss was about.

Fortunately, Nintendo did not let the gaming community down. Gamers enjoyed the way high definition graphics changed their gameplay experience. Long gone were the somewhat pixelated cartoon figures that appeared far too harsh on the eyes. Instead, gamers enjoyed the visual appeal of some of their favorite and most well-loved video game characters, including Mario.

Some consumers complained that the system’s hard drive was still too small for their liking at either 8GB or 32GB. However, Nintendo stood firmly behind the hard drive sizes by assuring gamers there was enough space to store plenty of save data for a lot of games. Thankfully, the system proved capable of doing just that, which helped quiet the discord.

Finally, with the release of the Wii U Pro controller, Nintendo addressed yet another necessary improvement. Although the standard Wii controller worked great and capture the attention of gamers, it was not enough to keep people focused. Sony and Microsoft released controllers for their consoles that included rumbling and even some motion effects.

Nintendo decided that an improvement was a necessity, which is where the Wii U Pro controller came into play. Players could once again enjoy their wireless gameplay experience while enjoying a rumbling feel within their hands at carefully timed moments in different games. The upgraded controller added a whole new element of intuitive interaction that pleased gamers.

Overall, the Wii U is an older system in comparison to the Nintendo Switch. Although the Switch soaks up most of the attention, the Wii U is something for you to consider. Part of what makes the Wii U such a great choice is the fact that it is now available for a relatively affordable price, as are the games. Grabbing yourself a Wii U will give you the chance to finally appreciate your favorite Nintendo games as they should be enjoyed, which is in full-blown high definition.

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