Mods have been around for a couple of decades. They really began to gain popularity in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Once people realized that they could take their favorite game and make it better, it changed gaming as we knew it. There are plenty of MGSV mods out there, and the fan base for the game is rabid for more content.

But, before getting into specific MGSV mods, it’s worth taking a little refresher course on what a mod is.

What is a Mod?

Modifications (mods) are changes people make to games. They use the code of the base game and change certain elements around.

For example, many games contain mods where the player achieves access to unlimited weapons and ammo.

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Mods can range anywhere from simple to complex. Some mods change the attire that characters wear while others add another whole games’ worth of content to the base game.

It just depends on the game being modded and how ambitious the modder wants to get.

Now, it’s important to obtain your mods legally. Using a client such as Steam and websites such as is a smart way to download them.

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How We Chose the Best ‘Metal Gear Solid V’ Mods

The MGSV mods on this list are some of the most downloaded ever for the game. The requirements were that the mod must work, and it needed to have been downloaded hundreds and thousands of times.

All of these mods fall into those categories.

The 10 Best ‘Metal Gear Solid V’ Mods

Below are the 10 best MSGV mods. Each one brings a unique experience for the player.

Want to feel powerful and unlock everything in the game from the start? You can do that.

Or, do you want extra content that keeps the game fresh and exciting? You have the opportunity to do that, as well.

All these mods have been downloaded thousands of times, so you know they’re some of the best ones available.

Read on to see how you can enhance your MGSV gaming experience.

1. Infinite Heaven Mod

Mods are all about customization and tuning certain gameplay elements to what you like the most. It could be more vehicles, different weather patterns, or even more enemies. Instead of modding just one portion of the game, the Infinite Heaven mod allows you to customize a variety of aspects of MGSV.

Are you a sucker for pain and love the Subsistence missions? What if you could enable this setting for every mission in the game? Infinite Heaven allows you to do this.

Would you like to change camera angles? How about being able to restart a cutscene? With the Infinite Heaven mod, almost anything in MGSV can be manipulated to your satisfaction.

You can even skip the heli-rides if you find them annoying.

Overall, this is probably one of the best MGSV mods to download if you want to change a ton of things about the game. You’ll spend hundreds of hours playing around with this mod, so make sure you use the right keyboard to keep your hands and fingers ready for combat.

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2. No More Timers Mod

One of the biggest complaints about MGSV is about the time it takes to get things done. Specifically, researching and building up bases and deployment.

MGSV introduced this base-building mechanic, thinking players would love it. While some do, many players vent their frustration and are annoyed that it takes hours to research and build a tiny portion of the base.

If you’re one of these players, then the No More Timers mod is the perfect mod for you.

As the name implies, this mod gets rid of the timers for building and researching your base. Get it done in a snap and get back to espionage in the unforgiving desert faster than ever before.

3. S+ Soldier Mod

MGSV mods range from cosmetic changes to complete overhauls of the game’s structure. Base-building is a pain, and it takes forever to get anywhere with it.

To build up your base, you need high ranking soldiers. Known as S+ soldiers, they’re rare and mainly appear after the halfway point of the game.

What do you do when you want to speed up the process of researching weapons and base-building? Acquiring some of these S+ soldiers gets the base built quickly.

This mod works in a couple of different ways. One version enables S+ soldiers to spawn in the world once you’ve acquired enough S-rank soldiers. Then, more S++ soldiers appear once you’ve gathered enough S+ soldiers.

The second version of this mod changes all soldiers to S++. So, each one you capture will have this rank. These ranks lead you to level up your base in a matter of hours.

Bring this mod to life with a monitor that gives you a crystal clear image.

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4. Return of the Item Unlocker Mod

One of the most exciting things to do in a video game is to unlock everything. Depending on the game, this could mean a bunch of different things. For MGSV, unlocking all items in the game means gaining access to a bevy of objects.

Want to use the most powerful weapons in the game? With the touch of one button, you can make this dream a reality with this mod.

Having this ability to use all items at any time affects your gameplay in a couple of ways.

First, you can work your way through the game faster, considering you have a variety of weapons and accessories at your disposal.

Secondly, all of these items may allow you to gain entry into areas you wouldn’t usually be able to get into early in the game.

MGSV mods fundamentally change the way you play the game, and the Return of the Item Unlocker mod is no exception.

5. Skills Modifier Mod

When using many of the MGSV mods, you’ll be able to earn extra items and complete the game more easily. But, what if you want a slightly easier experience based purely on the skills you modify?

Keeping everything else the same, this mod still makes you work for your kills and objectives. It’s just easier to complete them since it lets you modify any skill at any time.

When you capture soldiers for your base, they possess specific skill sets. With this mod, you can single-handedly choose which skills they have.

Do you need more Athletes? Or, are you running low on Quick Reloads or Tough Guys? This mod solves all these problems and makes your army a customized killing machine.

6. Infinite Ammo and Suppressors Mod

A classic mod appearing in hundreds of games throughout decades, feeling like a god never gets old. As far as MGSV mods go, this is one of the most powerful.

Ammo isn’t necessarily around every corner in the game. While it’s not like you have to scrounge for it, having an infinite supply definitely makes things easier.

While some players like a challenge, others like the rush of annihilating everything in their path. This latter preference is where the Infinite Ammo and Suppressors mod comes into play.

With ammo and suppressors that never end in terms of stock, you don’t have to worry about running around and picking up ammo. Instead, you can focus on the numerous missions and objectives you’re tasked with completing.

Since you have an unlimited supply of suppressors, sneaking into enemy territory and silently taking out the baddies might be more fun.

7. The Man Who Sold the World

The Metal Gear series is a bit of a roller coaster ride. The franchise has one of the most convoluted and confusing storylines and timelines you’ll ever find in a game series.

With all of this confusion in mind, it’s no surprise that the characters you play as change throughout the series. However, you may not even realize you’re playing as a different character in MGSV. Why?

Well, Metal Gear heavily deals with everything from brainwashing to cloning. And this cloning is what confuses some people.

In MGSV, you think you’re playing as Big Boss. In actuality, it turns out that you’re a body double for him.

While the two look strikingly similar (you are a clone after all), the original Big Boss design is something passionate fans wanted to mod in MGSV.

Now, you get that opportunity. With this mod, you’re granted the ability to customize the look of the real Big Boss.

Do you want Big Boss to kill with both arms? Or, are you content with the bionic one?

You also have the option to choose between two hairstyles. You can deck Big Boss out with either a ponytail or the classic mullet.

If you’re a fan who was let down by the fact that the playable character in MGSV wasn’t Big Boss, this mod is right for you.

8. Snakebite Mod Manager

Installing MGSV mods isn’t as easy as it seems. Some people think you press a button, and your game automatically changes all the settings for you.

While installing the mod is that easy, getting the mod to work is an entirely different story.

Changing gamma rays, controls, and FPS can sometimes be a nightmare, and taking the hassle out of just a portion of this process would be amazing.

That’s where the Snakebite Manager Mod comes in to help.

While you still have to change the settings and do some legwork yourself, you no longer have to scrounge around on the Internet for these mods. The Snakebite Mod Manager houses all of your MGSV mods in one spot.

You don’t have to remember what category these mods were under. You don’t have to bookmark pages. Instead, you go to a “one-stop-shop” for all of the mods available to you for MGSV.

It’s a brilliant mod and gets you back to the game so you can enjoy the gorgeous visuals and expansive story.

9. Morbid’s Side-Op Expansion Pack

Downloadable content (DLC) is both a blessing and a curse. For some, they love the fact that the story gets expanded and they have more to do after this ends. Others hate that this content wasn’t included in the original game.

For mods that add this extra content, it’s always a beautiful thing. Ordinary people worked extremely hard to craft hand-made DLC because of their love for the game.

Morbid’s Side-Op Expansion Pack adds an astonishing 50 side-ops to the game. Not only that, but these missions are unlike those in the original one.

Enemy patrols have been changed up. There’s at least one prisoner available for extraction during every side-op. Mission-specific obstacles have been placed within the enemy bases, so your game provides more of a challenge.

You also gain skills from targets that were once only obtainable in main missions. These skill acquisitions help level up the Motherbase faster.

An excellent mod packed full of content.

10. ‘Metal Gear Solid V’ Unlocked

Are you looking for the complete MGSV experience? Many MGSV mods give you access to different parts of the game, but this mod is what you want if you’re striving for the full MGSV game.

This mod unlocks all items, gives you 100 percent completion of the game, and even offers up some special pre-order items only available to players who pre-ordered the game.

This mod is all-encompassing, so it’s excellent for a completionist who wants access to everything right from the start.

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Download One of These Mods Today

Now you’re packed with knowledge about the best MGSV mods. Try one, or all, of these mods out today.

While some may need more time to successfully start than others, they are all worth your time.

Ultimately, it comes down to the experience you want to have. Whether it’s more challenge or unlimited power, both are at your fingertips.

Have you used any of these mods before? If so, did you like them? Let us know in the comments below.

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