Mega Man Maker combines the nostalgia of old school Mega Man games with the joy of level design.

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own action sidescrolling platformers, but haven’t learned to program, then Mega Man Maker is a fantastic place to start.

Likewise, fans of Super Mario Maker will love this free-to-play game.

So grab your mouse and keyboard, and prepare to take a trip back in time and learn everything you need to get started in Mega Man Maker!

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What Is Mega Man Maker?

Mega Man Maker is a third party level design tool for creating, sharing, and playing custom-made Mega Man Man levels.

Build levels from the ground up using a variety of backgrounds, terrain, objects, powerups, enemies, and bosses. You can even choose which song to play from the Mega Man soundtrack!

The amount of customization here is endless. Will you create an open-world level with multiple areas to explore, or a linear path with a clear end?

You may choose to center your level around one mechanic, such as exploding platforms, or mix in a variety of obstacles.

With so much depth, it’s impossible for us to cover everything. But that’s the beauty of Mega Man Maker.

Nine games in one

Mega Man Maker utilizes nearly all assets from Mega Man 1 through 9. This makes it more versatile than any of those games individually.

For example, by merely using backgrounds from multiple titles, you can create a style that you’ll never see in official games.

Experiment with combinations to create challenges that are genuinely unique.

Better than Super Mario Maker 2?

Super Mario Maker 2 is available on the Nintendo Switch. Given their similarities, it’s not surprising that people like to compare them.

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The general consensus is that Mega Man Maker lacks the polish of Super Mario Maker. However, that’s to be expected since it’s a free fanmade game. Despite this, it’s still extremely beloved.

In any case, each game is different enough that you’ll probably want to play both of them.

Getting Started with Mega Man Maker

Learning Mega Man Maker is as simple as finding where things are and messing around with features.

However, we have some tips for you along the way.


In the level editor, the basic controls are left-clicking to place objects and right-clicking to interact with menus. Also, use the arrow keys to scroll around the map. That’s it!

Note that the button for backgrounds, terrain, and so on require you to double-click them to access their full menus.

For more advanced controls, click the menu icon in the bottom-right corner and then click the little book with a question mark.

While playing a level, use the arrow keys to move, Z to jump, X to shoot, and C to slide. Additionally, you use A and S to cycle through weapons.

Characters and starting points

In the top-center of the level editor, you’ll see a button with Mega Man’s face on it.

Click that and then click somewhere in the world to place his start location.

By double-clicking the button, you can change which character you start with. Each of them has its own particular set of abilities.

For example, Proto Man has the ability to double jump. However, you must activate it from the level settings before it will work.

Locate the level settings by clicking the menu icon in the bottom-right corner, then clicking the gear icon.


Backgrounds will immediately make your map look more professional and exciting, even though they affect nothing about the gameplay itself.

You can find the backgrounds by double-clicking the third icon to the right at the top of the screen.

There are about 200 backgrounds to choose from, so choose wisely. However, you can easily mix and match backgrounds within the same level.

After choosing a background, add it to the world by left-clicking.

If you scroll around the map using the arrow keys, you’ll notice the world is split into squares which we’ll call “rooms.”

So far, you only apply the background to one of these rooms. Left-click within the other rooms to add the same background, or select a different background to use first.


Directly to the right of the background button is the tiles button. Essentially, tiles give Mega Man and friends something to jump on.

Most of the tile types are simply there to add variety to the graphics. However, some of them behave in unique and exciting ways.

For instance, the “Ice Tile” located in the Mega Man 1 submenu is slippery when walking on it.

Use these to add difficulty to tricky platforming situations. But make sure they fit with the theme of your level.

Start by adding non-threatening tiles like the “Cut Tile” to your world, so you have something to walk on.

Try creating a two by two square and notice that the tiles automatically change their look depending on the way you position them.

When selecting tiles, you’ll see that there are some special categories beneath the “Mega Man 9” section. These are ladders, spikes, water, and special tiles.

They’re pretty self-explanatory, but try experimenting with them in your level.

Lastly, when you place tiles in a room that was previously empty, it will light up to show that it’s active. Now you can enter this room from any direction that is not blocked off.


When two activated rooms appear next to each other in the level editor, there will be a small box between them to show they are connected or disconnected. You can toggle this option by clicking it.

The player can move seamlessly through connected rooms without any kind of transition. Essentially, you join multiple rooms to create one large room.

Disconnected rooms will have a transition, which causes them to feel like separate entities. This is a visual cue to the player that they are entering a new area with the potential for new dangers.


What would Mega Man Maker be without enemies? Fortunately, it doesn’t disappoint. Over 100 enemies are available for you to use!

You can get a sense of what each bad guy does by reading their descriptions, but here are a few to get those creative sparks flying:

Met (Mega Man 1)

Met is a basic enemy that hides beneath his hardhat and only comes out to shoot. You can place him at tricky angles to increase difficulty.

Combine Met with the Sky background and Heights tileset to feel like you’re at the top of a skyscraper!

Killer bullet (Mega Man 1)

Killer bullets will fly in the direction you set them and keep flying until they hit something. Use killer bullet spawners to send bullets flying towards the player at regular intervals.

Or, have a wave of them ready to force players to be quick on their feet.

Garyoby (Mega Man 4)

Garyoby is a sawblade that patrols from left to right, reversing its direction when it can’t move any further.

Adding these to multiple platforms in quick succession will require the player to time their jumps just right.

Alternatively, try using it in combination with other enemies to increase the threat.


Level objects cause otherwise static environments to come to life. Here are some of our favorites:

Checkpoint (General)

Absolutely essential for more prolonged levels. Once activated, these allow the player to start from wherever you place them if they die.

Time bomb (General)

These come in two varieties. The first ones are platforms that explode after you step on them.

Activate the second type by approaching it from the left or right, depending on how you place it.

A neat trick is to place several exploding platforms in a row, with a “gate” at the end made up of the other type.

This forces players to activate the gate, jump back while they wait for the gate to explode, and then evacuate the platform they’re on before it explodes too!

Key and key door (General)

Players can only open key doors with keys. Therefore, these objects are a great way to add some direction to your level.

You can also use them to create a “choose your own adventure” element. For example, try creating two key lock doors going in opposite directions and only give the player one key.


These are pretty straightforward. Place them in your world, then pick them up to heal your character and restore energy.


No Mega Man level is complete without at least one boss fight.

Standard practice is to create a boss arena for the battle to take place. This should be completely separate from the rest of the level.

In the boss menu, you can also find boss doors. Players may only enter these doors from one direction, and they’ll lock behind them.

After placing a boss, you can click the gear icon above it for customization.


In the top left corner of the level editor is a button that allows you to select which weapons your character has. There are over 50 weapons to choose from!

Here are two of the most popular:

Charge kick (Mega Man 5)

With charge kick equipped, your slides become invincible.

Additionally, Mega Man Maker allows you to charge kick in the air, which is something that did not exist in “Mega Man 5.”

Because of this, charge kick adds a lot of interest to platforming. You jump much further horizontally if you jump and kick with the right timing.

With Proto Man’s double jump activated, you can double jump, charge kick, and then jump once more for even greater vertical and horizontal distance!

Top Spin

Top spin allows you to spin through enemies and destroy them in mid-air, similar to Super Mario Bros.

When landing on top of enemies during a top spin, you also bounce off of them. Create a chain of bounces by bouncing off of enemies one after the other.

Since you can basically do this infinitely, it’s a fun way to add some variety and danger to your platforming.

Time to Create

There’s a lot more to Mega Man Maker than we discussed here, but don’t worry. You can create a level in minutes and spend hours refining it.

If something confuses you, try checking the Mega Man Maker wiki. The only way to get better is to practice, practice, practice!

Which weapons, tiles, objects, and enemies are your favorite to incorporate? Let us know in the comments below!

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